Hot Temper Pepper Now Insaf

by - 5/28/2017

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Is it okay to be mad? I ask myself at the time I was angry with someone (just now).

Yes, you do!

You have the right to be mad but not to be cruel.

But after a second, I'm back to normal temperature (while typing), I realized I was making a big mistake to snap at someone I loved dearly. They were a test sent by Him to test your anger. So, will I just sit back and let them burn myself? Yes? Urghh.. I should but I still can't. I still fight with my own thoughts, on how they disappoint me to the level I can't tolerate but I know, I can't do anything except for accepting the fact that is just what they are or sack them out from my life (never have that guts tho). I shouldn't be mad. Yes, I shouldn't be mad!

As what the picture said, if I do not control my temper, it will control me. It almost have my remote (YES 70% I TELL YAAA ALMOST BURST ALMOST CURSE  ALMOST EVERYTHING) but then I think why not to substitute any curse with everyday words? That's funny tho. Lembu? Sampah? Monyet? All become the victims of my anger. Jangan ikut ya perangai kita ni😣

Oh, well anyway guys I still feel that I failed to hold my anger by using this method. It still harsh at all cost so don't ever get mad JUST DON'T.


“The strong man is not the one who can wrestle, 
but it is the one who can control himself when he is angry.” 

I don't know if ones can hold their anger because of their past mistakes or they are just strong but I do respect them. You are the real winner here brother. To those I always get mad to, please forgive me and stop testing my anger. For real, you  know I'm gonna snap at it, THE WHY MUST YOU DO IT?? WHYY LAA I DON'T UNDERSTAND????

So here's some tips to be cool unlike me okay?

1. You have to understand that anger is not a matter of power or ability.

2. Regard anger as an infection *yucks should I avoid the person too? Haha

3. Feel free to delay your reaction (by blogging also can)

4. Keep the interest of the Muslim community in mind

5. React with a calming statement (SUPER HARD OKAY SUPER HARD)

6. A few kind words can have a surprising effect (or remain silent?)

7. Don’t become that person

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