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by - 6/07/2017


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Hiiiii, I'm listening to Abba- Dancing Queen right now.
Do you like them too?
What's your favorite evergreen song?

I loved old songs, most of them are just relax and straight to the point so I when I sing, I know what it means. Back then, when the technology still expanding, my dad has a lot of "kaset" with old songs and dikir barat songs. Gosh, I loved them all. I still remember my most favorite kaset are from D'lloyd, the Indonesian singer if I'm not mistaken. You know when the tiny tape inside the kaset goes out? Then we have to roll them back to get them inside. I do that all the time!

From that point, I keep looking for an old songs and fortunately when I bought new phone, the Chinese guy from that shop install a lot of an old songs to my phone. My love towards them growing even bigger till now. This is the list of my most favorite songs :

↣ The Police : Every Breathe You Take
↣ Alison Krauss : When You Say Nothing At All
↣ Bryan Adams : (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
↣ Eagles : Hotel California
↣ Louis Armstrong : La Vie En Rose
↣ Aerosmith : I don't Miss A Thing
↣ Extreme : More Than Words
↣ Scorpions : Wind Of Change


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