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by - 6/04/2017

So yesterday I went out with my closest friends for Ifthar at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. We have planned it like a weeks before and everyone comes to a YES #blessed that we should held the small reunion for our TheGeds (stands for Gedik, it's our whatsapp group name now melekat HHA) on 31st May. Basically, we just want to hang out and catch up with each one's lives, release the tension and just enjoy the moment. God knows how hard to reunite all four of us together at one times, so it is in golden moment category that triggered us all to do the count down*macam nak kahwin pulak siap kira d-day~

From Sungai Besi and now all of us separated to different place except for me, so loyal to you Sungai Besi *please give me an award for this loyalty. Izzatul at Bangi, Halimatul at Puchong and Syera just moved in to new house at Klang it makes us far on the map but close in each others heart *puke Hahahahhahaha. Yes you can tell the difficulty to gather everyone now right? Different places with different kind of schedule but the effort maintains this friendship.

The day started as we all promised to see each other for a movie on 2pm and I drove with patience as the rain starts to fall. If you know what car I'm using, you know why. Pstt, it's a real classic car 😇
Alhamdulillah, the journey went well and I met this two pretty girls, Syera and Izzatul at the Surau to perform salah first before the movie, then after that came this gothic-lawyer girls, Halimatul from anywhere behind to surprise us. She is always like that.

There we go! Into the journey with The Pirates of Caribbean, Salazar's Revenge and we all very noisy with endless jokes in the cinema. *Nasib baik tak kena campak keluar wayang* Oh the movie was awesome and full of jokes also, I would give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for a good story line and the Atmos sound effect!

Us today, 2017
Back in 2010

 Not much different eh? Or more feminine? #feminism
Why toilet? Still remember the toilet wefie kinda era?
Trying to imitate the original photo but the loo is kinda full that time HAHA

And mooooore pictures and boomerang coming, location : inside the mall.

Can you guess where we took the picture this time? Fitting room.
We sneaked in with one red t-shirt I took nearest to me that time. With a little bit of 5 stars acting, we went inside and took some picture ignoring the fitting-room-guys that absolutely knew our motive, I guessed *facepalm.

Then we decided to just wait for the breaking fast session at Boat Noodles restaurant while do the bonding time.Wehoooooooooo. Our friends here, Halimatul made us drawing. Just draw whatever you like and for me ofcourse I would choose to draw whats's in my mind. A lady. With confused mind. Hahahahahhahaa. I don't have the pictures here but all of the drawing are fine and unique!

Menu for the Ifthar
The best part of every sweet reunion with this ladies were the friendship items. Hehe
Actually, I'm the one suggesting it and Jad asking if all of us wants it?
YES YES YES, we want/I want it. The rings. Look at us, sesi menunjuk cincin baru. Haha

Picture taken after the Hanbing sesh and the kedai about to tutup but Izzatul still asking the workers to snap our pictures together. HAHA you know how awkward it is? You can see it on Halimatul face, the one in stripey blouse 👀 A round of  applause for Izzatul in pink blouse for this pictures also!

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