Korean Date (Dubuyo and Hanbing)

by - 3/24/2017

Assalamualaikum my sweetest readers!

So today I'm going to share with you guys about my Korean Themed Date. Hiks! Only the food, not us or our appearances at all cost fosho. Hhahahaha Muka masih Melayu in fact, I didn't make up that day. Natural beauty gitchuu, padahal parut jerawat bersepah dekat muka kan 😂 Sabar jela kulit muka nii haiiilahaiii~

Main point of this date was actually I wanna practice my driving skills. Lama dah tak bawak kereta, kaku yakmat padahal stereng takdalah keras macam dekat sekolah memandu tu. Whatever it is, practice makes perfect right? So, yeahh I drove us back that day. Eh ehh, cerita belum habiss! Meh baca dulu apa yang kami makan hari tu 😜

First restaurant we stopped that day was Dubuyo! Actually, we have been here before Dubuyo change their name which is Dubu-Dubu. But we took the wrong dish yang buat kami menyesal and neglect the other Korean dish as well. Tapi Rora (my friend) menjadi heroin kepada citarasa Korean food-ku, dengan memperkenalkan Sundobu Jigae Beef masa keluar dengan dia. Ya ampun, sedap gila because it's more like Sup Daging (beef broth) to me, served with fresh sliced of cucumber, radish and kimchi. Suka sangat radish dia, sedap!

Hii, I'm Roraa 😃 (Masa keluar dengan dia bulan lepas)

Kali ni keluar dengan Abam Panda pun sebab nak Sundobu Jigae Beef lagii. Teringin nak makan radish actually, but they didn't serve radish this time. Haihh. Takpelah kan, not my luck maybe. Abam Panda pulak order Spicy Topokki. For me not this is not that yummy, the topokki itself goeyy ( i love it ) tapi kuah dia rasa macam kuah Yong Tau Fu. HAHA! I prefer topokki with crispy chicken from Kkuldak more.

Again. Sundobu Jigae (Beef) RM17++

 Second restaurant was Hanbing! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Dua tiga hari before that day, I kinda craving for this snowy iceyy flavor-ish Bingsu from Hanbing. Sedap weh, tolonglah cuba kalau belum pernah ke Hanbing! Lagi satu, for your information guys Hanbing add a new flavor to their bingsu that is Strawberry Snow Ice.


Strawberry Snow Ice RM26

We've tried it first! Shooooooooooo gooooooooood. Tak percaya? Tengok reaksi Abam Panda while eating this Snow Ice later okay? Konfemm, mau cuba lepastu! HAHA

Beef Lunch Box RM16

Muka tahan lapar sebab kena layan aku dulu.

Too good.

 Must-have-flat-lay for every foo date hihi

Me enjoying the snowyy ice, haih too good to deny!

Well, whatever it is I still love Mango Snow Ice. Fyi, they also come with a set/package too. It's kinda affordable so don't forget to stop by and give it a try! Down there I stacked a photo me and friends trying a set meals.

The set cost us RM33++ if I'm not mistaken. We got a main dish (Spicy Cheese Topokki), side dish (Spicy Honey Chicken), bingsu and Peach tea 💗 I like the package idea, it gives us a chance to try all the dishes with the bingsu as well.

Overall, I really love the food served in this restaurant. It's a bit pricey but they're all tasty and makes you do a comeback!


♥ Thanks for reading♥

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