Webe and Innisfree Story

by - 3/30/2017

Assalamualaikum and good evening readers 💗

Yesterday I went out with my Panda to accompany him changing his telco. From Celcom ➽ Webe. So kecoh 😺 wanna change telco because he said he need to use internet a lot later for his job so the best telco is Webe. What you should know about Webe is, they are a plan under TM (Telekom Malaysia) so you do not have to worry about not having a line because TM is a well known brand for telecommunication coverage in Malaysia.

So this is the good things you gonna get from Webe which is unlimited video calls, video share, video stream anytime anywhere, never ending data, free all local calls & SMS etc. Yea, I know it is really convincing for one to get fall in love with Webe quickly. You can change your telco right away from from the website. Here is the step :

So simple actually, so do not mess up your mind sebab boleh buat orang lain hilang mood jugak okay 😆😆😆

The next thing we did was going to the Sunway Velocity Mall, new mall near to Pandan Indah. There is nothing much since it still new but I saw a lot of interesting store gonna open soon. Kinda excited about it. As we arrived there, my eyes were really itchy because I wore his shade in the car *menyesal moment* Then I went to the loo as quick as possible to wash my eyes. So itchy but my eyes weren't red? As soon as I got out from the loo, terus ternampak Innisfree store. Wow~ I did not know they have the store here in Malaysia (in fact they are about to open the 7th stores) because so many people are actually purchasing it online from other online store such as Hermo. My Panda said, "sakit mata pun still nampak lagi tuu Innisfree" . Well, of course.

We went in and I swear I just wanna take a look at their products (more to window shopping) and then here comes the naughty idea.

Brain : You want that cushion right? No more foundation later.
Me : Yea but maybe later
Brain : Why not now? Give it a try.

So i tried.

And kinda like it.

And there are soooo many free gits and such things happening this month. Oh I love March!

So I bought it.


The best things is I took the wrong shade for my Long Wear Cushion. Shit happens dude. Whatever it is I still love it, even though the shade is a bit lighter for me but it does not make me look like tepung gomak yet. Sedapkan hati. HAHA!

1. No Sebum Correcting Cushion RM52
💜 Peach (Restore a healthier look to dull skin)
💜 I got this as free gift for buying the cases and puff

2. Long Wear Cover Cushion SPF 50+ RM52
💜 For combination/oily skin
💜 I took true Beige (too light for me thooo)
💜 Has 5 shades for now (Light to Medium)

3. My Cushion Pink Limited Edition Pink Cases RM33
💜 Has many other cute styles too
💜 Yes the cushion did not come with the case Huhu

4. NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder RM24
💜Good for combination/oily skin
💜the difference with Mineral Blur is this powder 
is white in color not translucent.

5. Air Magic Puff Fitting RM9
💜 Really smoooooth for the skin

6. Manuka Honey Mask RM4
💜 The Aloe mask is a free gift from buying all above stuffs
💜 Got the free gifts for buying this mask which is the...

Yeayyy so many discount and free gifts from this store 💚

Of course all thanks to my Panda for accompany me and do a charity today. Hihihi


Then we go for a lunch and an ice cream. Masa my Panda went to the loo I was sitting at the bench and saw a beautiful lady with a stroller. At first I did not believe that is her. I mean, I am scared that I might get a wrong person. Later after that, 3 young girls were like malu malu behind me. There were a guys saying " Kak ada orang nak tangkap gambar " At that moment, I know that I was sitting at the bench next to her and terus tengok kiri, cuit bahu Sis tu sambil tanya " Awak Shila Amzah ke? "

Can you believe that?

I was so awkward right? But that is just me. So I cannot help it. HHA!

Hiks. Terima kasih sudi bergambar.

Usually when I go for karaoke I always choose an English songs and a few Malay song including her songs. Maybe that just made me sooooooooooo excited to see her face-to-face.
A good ending to our short escape. Thank Panda :)

♥ Thanks for reading♥

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